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Original Geeks provides comprehensive computer maintenance and support services for both home and office.

How can we help you?

Our services range from emergency PC repair to various scheduled maintenance plans, and other support services that include computer upgrades, software installations, protection against computer viruses & spyware, firewall systems & other security measures. We can address any issues that may hinder the smooth operation of your computer and/or peripherals.

Network Setup

Go online safe & secure!

PC Backup

Don’t give it up, Back it up! – Save yourself the frustration of data loss and the expense of data recovery and let us do the work for you!

PC Security Package

Let us protect your computer so you can operate with total peace of mind!

Tech Support Help Desk by Phone

Need help with an issue you’re trying to solve on your own? Our Tech Support Help Desk service includes problem diagnosis, repair and advice.

Monthly Coverage Plan:

Get onsite monthly coverage for one low price! We will visit your home or business on a regular basis. This service is valuable to people that need on-going support and provides expanded coverage while reducing the cost.

New PC Setup & File Transfer Service

Original Geeks can setup your new PC in a flash, with all of the configurations and settings so that they meet YOUR specifications. We can also install all of your software and transfer old files into the new machine as well.

Data Imaging, Backup & Restore Package

Take a picture or snapshot of your hard disk! We call it imaging... in fact, you can restore your system’s data with an image and save money by restoring your system with an image instead of trouble-shooting problems step-by-step. Imaging is the easiest and most inexpensive way to backup and recover data in case of a hard disk crash or computer disaster!

Wired-Wireless Consolidation for Multi-family Homes

Most multi-family homes are paying for two or more internet bills for the same household! A class-c private network can support up to 254 concurrent connections from one Internet account. Drastically reduce your monthly Internet bill by consolidating your connections in the house today!

Remote Computing Support

Remote computing support is available to those that need help fast and subscribe to a broadband Internet connection like a cable, Fios or DSL. We simply provide you with the information and software to connect directly to your computer and resolve issues like adding a printer, installing or trouble-shooting software and configuring your computer for speed. Why waste time… get Remote Computing Support today!

Customers Support

Just Call 718-927-18″ and we can either assist you over the phone or provide service remotely via broadband or come directly to your location in person to resolve the problem.

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